Al Haramain Amazing Mukhallath



Al Haramain Amazing Mukhallath

Take charge!

Mukhallath is A volatile blend of the finest ingredients turning on a woody, spicy, alluring scent. This Perfume is subtly dominating and is brilliant for anytime wear. It is a heady mix of the best flowers, oils, and spices giving it a well balanced and enticing aroma. An awesome fragrance that exudes success, elegance, subtlety and sophistication, This Perfume is designed for those who are in total control of their lives! The Collection of Al Haramain Also Boasts Midnight Musk, Royal Rose and obsessive Oud.

Fragrance Notes:

Top note: Cardamom, Juniper, Incense
Middle note: Jasmine, Iris, Cistus
Base note: Vetiver, Amber


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