Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss AG is a German mold and way of life house, established in 1924 by Hugo Boss.

Beginning in Metzingen and still based there today, the organization offers numerous lines of designs and embellishments under the center brands Hugo and Boss. The Boss brand offers the accompanying lines: Boss Black, present day exemplary attire and the broadest scope of items; Boss Orange, more interesting and Bohemian in style; Boss Selection, top of the line menswear; Boss Green, concentrating on games and dynamic wear. The Hugo mark is known for its mold forward, European-affected styles.

The organization produces scents in conjunction with Proctor and Gamble Prestige. Scents for men and ladies are offered under both the Boss and Hugo brands. The primary aroma was Boss Number One for men, propelled in 1985.

Originator Hugo Boss has 81 scents in our aroma base. The most punctual version was made in 1985 and the freshest is from 2017. Hugo Boss aromas were made as a team with perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan, Pierre Wargnye, Ursula Wandel, Will Andrews, Sophie Labbe, Alain Astori, Beatrice Piquet, Annick Menardo, Calice Becker, Domitille Michalon, Ilias Ermenidis, Gerard Anthony, Bruno Jovanovic, Pascal Gaurin, Bob Aliano and Claude Dir.

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