Official distributor of Mancera Paris PerfumesMancera Paris is a Luxury Perfume House. This Perfume House was created in 2008 by a passionate perfumer. The Range of Mancera Paris has many different collections. They are made from the best essences that the world has to offer. Each of the masterpiece fragrances are high in concentration and are offered in a 120ml or 60ml crystalline glass bottle. Each of the collection's design is unique and tells you a story before even smelling the fragrance. Great care and attention is given from the time of choosing the raw materials until the final sale of the product. La Scento Perfumes is the official holder of Mancera Paris in South Africa.


Montale Paris is a Famous Luxury Perfume house that offers the best fragrances. The fragrances are known as love portions. This is because of the Perfumers great care and selection of scents from around the world. Montale Paris is the best expression of an Arabian French Perfume blend. Each of the masterpiece perfumes are long lasting and effective. They are packaged in aluminium. It is the best way to contain and protect the perfume. The perfumes are offered in 100ml and 50ml cans. Each perfume is high in concentration which makes the brand known for its lasting a excellent quality.


S.T Dupont is a french designer brand. The brand offers a private collection of fragrances that are created from unique essences and are of high concentration. Each of the perfumes are presented in a 100ml glass bottle that has a luxurious colour and unique, individual design. The collection boasts oriental, woody, sweet and leathery perfumes that catch the heart from the first meeting. S.T Dupont Private collection is officially available in South Africa at La Scento Perfumes.

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